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Window and blinds cleaning
Clean office windows brighten up work areas and make workers more cheerful and productive. They also show you at your best, and they show your customers that you care about small details.

We offer both occasional and contract (regular) interior window cleaning services for retail, commercial, industrial, entertainment, medical and government facilities.

In addition to window glass, we also clean vertical and venetian blinds. We can arrange to have your drapery cleaned by one of our professional associates.

• As with all jobs we undertake, our service is customized to your
  needs. We review your specific requirements and recommend a
  customized window cleaning program that will meet your particular
  needs at the most reasonable cost. Alternatively, we will follow your
  cleaning specifications.
•  We create a window cleaning checklist just for you. Our crews use
   this checklist each time they clean your windows, to ensure that
   they are meeting your cleaning instructions.

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